What is Fast & Fit?

ff-slide2-980x380Fast & Fit athletes,

There are many exciting things happening at Fast & Fit, many of which you’ll hear more about from Angie in the coming weeks, but first, we wanted to kick things off with a little background on FAST & FIT.

We understand that the need for speed isn’t everyone’s priority. We also know not everyone wishes to run a marathon. Although a great percentage of our clientele at Fast & Fit ARE runners with goals of achieving new personal best race times, that doesn’t describe ALL of our clients or everyone that we WANT to coach. We have a number of athletes that want to be fit in their own sense. It is our goal (& our job!) to help you reach whatever FAST means to you and whatever level of FIT you desire. Our tagline is Fast for Racing, Fit for Life. These words are very meaningful to us. They are powerful, yet intentionally broad in definition. It is up to YOU to define your FAST & FIT. It is up to US to guide you toward achieving that lifestyle.
It is important to note that FIT must come before FAST. Many people come to us wanting to get FAST, and may be surprised when we ask about nutrition, sleep, stress, lifestyle, etc. Our philosophy is to look at the larger picture & start at the root. For example, someone who is not sleeping well, overly stressed, experiences daily cravings for sweets, poor sex drive, etc. has issues that will not be helped unless they take a step back with their racing and/or other stressful things in life and focus on the FIT side of things.
We work on the FIT before FAST in order to identify possible lifestyle choices that are taking you farther from your goal. Many times these are small things that you have done for years without realizing that they may be wreaking havoc on your racing and/or fitness goals, waistline, love life, and possibly even your income.

It is our goal to continually provide you, our clients, with information to help you achieve your goals & live a FAST & FIT life. We believe it is our job to provide you with the best information that we know. And when we don’t know, we will find it. We encourage all of you to come to us with your questions anytime. We all grow if you ask questions and continue our communication. It is only through feedback from each of you as consumers, athletes, moms, dads, lovers, employees, runners, and triathletes that we are able to get you the information that will help you the most.
Thank you for being a part of FAST & FIT Coaching, you are the reason that we love what we do.

Your friends and coaches,

Mike & Angie

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