Thanksgiving Day Tips

Hey Fast and Fit Athletes!

thanksgiving-dinnerIf you are going to enjoy yourself over the holidays, here are some tips that will keep you lean and free from packing on the LBS over these next couple of days/weeks.

1. Clean the diet up now to reduce the influx in body fat and to make you more carb sensitive. AKA: Dial it in!

2. Don’t starve yourself during the morning and/or afternoon leading up to the feast. Eat a breakfast, lunch and snacks just like you normally would so that you don’t gorge on everything in sight when the big Thanksgiving meal occurs.

3. Take HCL and probiotics to help with digestion. HCL is naturally secreted in the stomach to break down food; however, HCL is rarely at the level it should be in Americans.

4. Supplement with fish oil and fenugreek to prevent insulin spikes and to control blood sugars.

5. Eat your turkey (or whatever meat you feast on) first. Protein in Greek means “of first importance”.

6. The morning of your feast, hit a high volume and/or intensity workout. It will get the metabolism ready to burn up those carbs. Last year I did a 10-minute workout just before the meal. (Time: 10-minutes, Workout: Push-ups: 120, Pull-ups: 60).

7. Workout with a partner or family member. It’s fun, and you get to socialize. Health is more than just moving fast and eating well.

8. You shouldn’t be eating processed foods, even on holidays. So make sure that the desserts that you ARE eating are just like what grandma used to make. Whole ingredients!!!

9. Drink water. It helps with detoxification and digestion.

10. Chew your food. A lot. It’s the first line of digestion that we have.

11. Enjoy the company of friends & family, and the indulgences that you choose. And then get back to your regularly scheduled workouts & nutrition tomorrow!

Happy Thanksgiving!
Coach Mike & Coach Angie

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