Chicago Marathon Pre-Race Tips

Hello Fast and Fit Athletes!

Tomorrow is the big day! Coach Angie and I wanted to put together some last-minute tips to send to you guys to get the mind ready for the event. This is going to be bullet style, short and sweet. Here we go.


  • Don’t do anything new!
  • When you wake up, drink water immediately and continue sipping throughout the morning.
  • Break the course up into small, manageable pieces mentally. I’d recommend 3 sections.
  • Thank at least 5 people for volunteering for the race.
  • When taking water from the volunteers, go to the last couple tables. The first tables are often bunched up.
  • Exhale forcefully when you feel tense or lactate build up. Then, relax your eyes, face, shoulders, chest, and on down.
  • Don’t go out too fast. Nobody has ever won the marathon in the first 3-6 miles. AND, no one has ever set a world record by positive splitting.
  • Tomorrow is going to be cold, so make sure you aren’t shivering at the start line. Bring extra clothes to dump at the race start. I’d recommend throwing your pants right before the start and your long sleeve after you warm up on the course. This might take you a mile or 3.
  • Drink when thirsty. But go in with a game plan. If you haven’t drank anything by mile 10, that is not a good plan.
  • Don’t poop yourself. ☺
  • Go in with a nutrition game plan. Example: Take a Gu every 45 minutes or every 5 miles.
  • Go in with an A, B and C goal. Example: A) Finish 3:40, B) Finish holding my predicted marathon pace for the last 10K, C) Finish the race without walking.
  • Double knot your shoes.
  • Come see Coach Angie and I at the Start Corral Hydration Station!
  • Show up early (60 minutes) before the race start.
  • Relax your face in the race.
  • Be Fast & Fit!!
  • Smile and have fun! And don’t poop yourself. ☺

Coach Mike and Angie

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