Part 3 - Making Progress


Yes, it’s a cliche. 


But cliches are cliches for a reason - because they are true.


So you ready for this one? 


It’s so much easier to achieve a goal when you have two things: a coach and a plan.


It’s really that simple. 


Having someone who can guide you, keep you accountable and is versed in whatever area your goal may be in is key, because there inevitably will be days where you won’t feel like completing your next task.


This is also where the plan that the coach provides comes in, as they remind you of the effects of missing one step in the process will have on the overall timeline.


I’m the type of person, sometimes for better and sometimes for worse, who likes to do things on my own. Whether it be a project at work, figuring out some piece of technology or cooking a new dish, I believe that I can get it done by myself. But I’ve been learning that not only is it helpful to have someone on your side, but it makes accomplishing the goal more enjoyable too.


I connected with Coach Mike to begin my Fast & Fit journey BECAUSE I wasn’t getting results doing things on my own. When it comes to fitness, It’s too easy to procrastinate, make excuses, get frustrated, etc. Having Coach Mike’s guidance and support has been the key to consistency for me, and it’s showing in the results.


I just completed week eight of my customized training program, so I thought I’d share some thoughts on my journey thus far. 


The stats:

Weight lost: 7.8 lbs

Body Fat decrease: 4.2%

Lean Mass increase: 2.0%


The Program


Under Coach Mike’s guidance, he put together a customized training program specific to my goals (discussed in detail in my first blog post). With the TrainingPeaks app, it’s incredibly simple to see the workout scheduled for me each day and even entire week in advance. Training is not scheduled more than one week ahead, to ensure that results and feedback are analyzed and things are progressing in the correct timeline. 


Coach Mike and I have regular check-ins about how my training went, how I’m feeling, etc. He even adjusted for my basketball league that started on Tuesday nights, making that my cross training day between strength days, which was nice to be able to have that flexibility. Taking body readings and measurements every 2-4 weeks as well is so beneficial in keeping me motivated, rather than just doing this on Day 1 and the end of Week 12.


The Benefits


Physically, I feel great. Getting rid of that extra weight has reduced the pain I was feeling in my knees, not to mention that my clothes fit better again. Dropping in body fat percentage is great, but on top of that I have increased my lean mass, which means I’m getting stronger. 


After the initial adjustment to the nutrition program (mostly reducing carbs and sugar intake, while increasing protein and veggies), I have experienced higher overall energy and improved sleep. The biggest thing for me I think has been literally SEEING SUCCESS from one reading to the next. Knowing that I was moving in the right direction helped me fend off those pasta or ice cream cravings that would spring up. 


Finish Strong


Sure, it hasn’t all been sunshine and rainbows during this process. There have been plenty of days where I wasn’t feeling like training, eating right, ready to be lazy and wanting a break. 


But, knowing I had a coach and plan to be accountable to, I’ve been able to push through and complete each session to stay on track. I also want to be accountable to myself. Seeing and feeling the results of the program has helped so much in wanting to continue that momentum, knowing that our plan is working. 


There are four weeks left in my program. Regardless of where I’m at by then, I have developed so many great fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle habits that I know I will continue with long beyond the end of these 12 weeks, and that is exciting to me. 


Check back in for the final post where I’ll wrap up my Fast & Fit journey.I’m nervous but excited to see the before/after photos!






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