My Fast & Fit Journey: Robbie Lehman - Part 1

Part 1: The Setback and the Comeback

It was a split second decision that I wish I could take back in October 2018.


Let's rewind to October 2018. My buddies and I were attempting to defend our rec league basketball title from the season before. I turned the ball over at the top of the key as my defender was guarding me pretty dang close. (No foul, ref?!)


Immediately, my body instinctively turned to sprint toward the other basket. Let’s be clear: I don’t give up easy layups to anybody, no matter what. Especially if I’ve made a turnover. 


Even as I chased down the dude with the ball, something in my head was telling me not to challenge the shot. I was a bit too far behind to really contest it. But my body was thinking differently, sprinting harder to make up the distance - and before I knew it, I was in the air, right arm outstretched, going for the block.

Who did I think I was, LeBron?!


Now, I’ve contested a lot of shots over years of playing both organized and pickup basketball. I’ve fallen more times than I can remember, but I’ve always been really lucky with injuries in that I never had a serious one. For some reason, this fall was different. 

Broken scaphoid bone in my left wrist. Cast for 9 weeks, then rehab. Honestly, it could have been a lot worse and I’m grateful it wasn’t. But still, I knew this was going to be a major setback.



Fast forward to present time, August 2019. 


Hi there. Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Robbie Lehman, I’m excited to take you on a journey with me - a journey to getting back to being Fast & Fit.


I’ve always been a super active person, both for fun and for fitness. But this injury was a huge challenge for me. Having the cast on during winter definitely wasn’t ideal either. It limited not only training but also plenty of regular activities for me. 


Eating fairly healthy and sticking to a solid nutrition plan was another area I felt like I did ok with. But without a regular exercise schedule to adhere to, I found myself straying from my normal meal plan and chowing down on more sweets and desserts (hello, donuts). Also, the holiday season didn’t help in this department.

To top it off, I wasn’t sleeping well either due to not being able to train combined with the sugar I was consuming.


Basically, I got into some bad habits that I’ve had a hard time shaking, even with a healthy wrist. Over 9 months later I’ve returned to a normal exercise routine, but I haven’t been able to lose that extra weight I put on, or gain back all the strength I lost during the injury. 


What I finally realized is that I wouldn’t be able to do it by myself. I needed a coach and a program, something to keep me on track, accountable, focused toward a goal and back to keeping good fitness, health and lifestyle habits.


Enter Fast & Fit Coaching.


I’ve known Coach Mike Thomson for a couple years now through our relationship working for lululemon athletica in Chicago. I reached out for help and Coach Mike immediately was up to the challenge, which got me excited to get going. I knew he would be able to get me on a plan to return to my normal self - and hopefully even fitter than before!


What makes Fast & Fit Coaching different from other personal training places is that it provides custom-built training programs for its athletes. I’ll be going through my initial assessment soon as the first step in the process, and then Mike and I will discuss my personal fitness goals so he can design the right program for me to follow.


The fun part? I’m going to be blogging about the experience right here as I work through the 12-week program to give you all an inside look at how personal training with Fast & Fit Coaching works. 


I’m excited to begin my journey to becoming FAST & FIT! I hope you enjoy following it. If you want to join me, contact the F&FC team today to learn more about starting your own custom training program






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